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Contact Us

Are you interested in co-locating on an AT&T Towers?

For general questions or inquiries related to collocation opportunities on AT&T-owned towers, rooftops, or DAS venues, please call 866.593.1383 or send an email to We will then direct you to the respective Regional Account Manager. The Account Managers are responsible for the promotion of the AT&T portfolio of owned towers, rooftops, and DAS venues as an attractive leasing opportunity to the wireless industry.

Are you a current landowner with questions about your lease agreement or payments?

Contact AT&T National Real Estate Administration group at 877.231.5447 or write us at:
    AT&T Network Real Estate Administration
    RE: [FA Number]
    Suite 13-F West Tower
    575 Morosgo Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30324
Copy to:
    AT&T Legal Department – Network
    Attn: Network Counsel
    RE: [FA Number]
    208 S. Akard Street
    Dallas, TX 75202-4206

Are you a prospective landowner with available property?

AT&T Towers is just a leasing office that handles the leasing of space on towers owned by AT&T to other carriers. We do not handle the building of new towers or network issues.

However, if you’d like to offer property or an existing tower to lease, please send an email to the Network Real Estate Administration (NREA) department at
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone
  • Contact address
  • Contact email
  • Property address (include city, state, and county)
  • Size (in acreage or square feet)
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Site survey or map (if you have a copy)
Please keep in mind that the NREA receives hundreds of unsolicited requests each month and they do not respond to individual property requests unless it appears to meet the needs of their wireless customers and their strategic network coverage plans. If a new tower build appears necessary, they examine all prospects and will then reach out to you to request more information. They will retain your information and contact you only if there is significant interest in using your property.

Are you an AT&T customer with an issue related to your service or billing?

Please either visit the AT&T Customer Service Contact Us page at for contact information related to your specific area of concern or call one of the numbers listed below:
  • Wireless: 800.331.0500
  • Digital TV, U-Verse, Home Phone: 800.288.2020
  • Digital Life: 855.288.2727